If you’ve got experienced COVID-19, and you happen to be not struggling from long-time period consequences, then you could nicely be asking yourself how and when you can get again to your work out program. If you have been education for a certain event, it can be quite annoying to feel like you have shed exercise and you might effectively be champing at the little bit. But, in accordance to expert Dr Rebecca Robinson, it’s worthy of easing back into physical exercise cautiously and paying out consideration to your body’s responses. We spoke to her about the pitfalls included in accomplishing much too significantly much too shortly, how to decide your body’s reaction to cardio and power education routines, and how very long it may well choose to get back your former degrees of exercise.

About Our Skilled

About Our Skilled

Dr Rebecca Robinson

Dr Rebecca Robinson is a advisor in activity and exercising medication at CHHP, a sports activities and physiotherapy clinic. She specialises in assisting elite and recreational athletes return to physical exercise right after injury and disease, such as COVID-19, and she runs a lengthy COVID clinic at CHHP. She has been a aggressive runner for 20 many years.

When is it safe to exercising soon after COVID?

It depends on what you do and how considerably you do it. Usually folks won’t basically know straight away that they’ve bought COVID-19. In all those instances, they are not likely to have done a whole lot of injury. They most likely felt sub-exceptional when they were being education, but the moment they’ve acquired a prognosis, it’s actually vital to quit. 

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